Jeff Adachi

Jeff Adachi is the writer, director and co-producer of “Racial Facial.” He has been a social justice advocate and filmmaker, writing and directing two PBS award winning films, “The Slanted Screen: Asian Men in Film & Television” and “You Don’t Know Jack Soo”. Between 1995-1999, Jeff produced the Asian American Arts Foundation’s Golden Ring Awards. Jeff also serves as the elected Public Defender of San Francisco.┬áHis office provides legal representation to over 20,000 people each year, mostly of color. Through his legal work and activism, Jeff has always been a strong advocate for the civil rights of all Americans.

Daniel Zapien

Editor & Co-Producer Daniel Zapien is a media facilitator, youth organizer and multi-media producer at Silicon Valley De-Bug. He has produced numerous social justice film videos over the years.

Andrew Bigelow

Editor & Co-Producer Andrew Bigelow is a musician, rapper and filmmaker who is a multi-media producer at Silicon Valley De-Bug. He has a soon-to-be released EP under his performing name Andrew Bigs’ titled “Think Bigs.”

Raj Jayadev

Co-Producer Raj Jayadev is the founder and director Silicon Valley De-Bug, a media, community organizing and social entrepreneurial collective based in San Jose, California. Through DeBug, Raj organizes families and communities to change the landscape of power in the courts.